The three major US equity indices all grew by more than 1%, with the non-ferrous and precious metals sectors among the top earners

All three major US equity indices were up more than 1% on Friday. Among them, the Dow was up 1.26%, up 0.77% this week; the Nasdaq was up 1.28%, down 5.65% this week; the S&P 500 was up 1.36%, down 3.35% this week. The non-ferrous and precious metals sectors were the best gainers, with Jintian up more than 16%, Century Aluminum up more than 13%, Southern Copper up almost 11% and US Steel up by over 9%. Most tech stocks rose, Nvidia rose more than 5%, Google and Microsoft rose more than 3%, and Tesla fell more than 3%. Shares of anti-epidemic software and concepts fell, shopify fell more than 4%, and Novavax fell more than 3%.

In terms of Chinese concept stocks, popular Chinese concept stocks have generally risen: the Nasdaq China Golden Dragon Index was up 8.82% and this week was up 17%, the largest weekly increase since March. In terms of individual stocks, Bilibili rose nearly 23%, Weilai rose more than 17%, Xiaopeng Motors rose more than 15%, Manbang rose more than 12%, iQiyi rose more than 15% 11%,, Ideal Auto and Baidu increased by more than 10%, Pinduoduo by more than 8%, Vipshop and Alibaba by more than 7%.

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