The three major A-share indexes closed up, and cloud game concept stocks rose sharply

Original title: The three major A-share indexes closed up, while cloud game concept stocks soared

January 27,A crotchThe three major indexes fluctuated and consolidated, and finally ended up slightly.marketDealThe volume is shrinking. The total turnover of the two cities is more than 900 billion yuan.Concept stockSoaring.NorthfundsNet sales today were 1.255 billion yuan.

As of the close,Shanghai IndexRose 0.11% to close at 3573 points; Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.40% to close at 15413 points;Growth Enterprise Market IndexIt rose 0.70% to close at 3281 points.

On the board, the fast-handed, gaming, and paper-making sectors ranked among the top gainers, while the rare earths, aquaculture, and medical beauty sectors topped the decline.

In terms of individual stocks, the two citiesShare98 stocks have a daily limit, 242 stocks rose by more than 5%, a total of 30 stocks fell by a limit, and 110 stocks fell by more than 5%.

  Turnover rateOn the other hand, a total of 38 stocks have a turnover rate of more than 20%, of whichN GalaxyThe turnover rate was the highest, reaching 73.82%.

  Tianfeng SecuritiesPoint out that the tone of Slow Bull remains unchanged, and the opportunity is stillBig consumption, New energy and photovoltaics.The fourth quarter of last yearfundAddPositionMainly focus on largeconsumptionThis direction.In the future, there will be a steady stream of powerful new funds entering the market, but the overall market valuation is too expensive, so the institution’s investment in core assets and industry leadersPositionOr more focused. The market has strong expectations for the February market, and chooses the opportunity to pay attention to the cycle, semiconductor and military industry.For sectors with weaker long-term trends, we are optimistic about the relatively low valuations andshort termThe boom appears strongerReverseofthe company.The time window for the emergence of economic pressure, focusing on the relatively low valuation of non-ferrous chemicalsenterprise

  China Sea SecuritiesBelieve that the market valuation level is not low, lowriskinvestmentInvestors may not find a target that can be bought with confidence in the current market, but the internal and external environment is consistently good, and the emotional bubble income is also worth looking forward to. It is recommended that investors keep at least 50% of their positions and half Stay awake and half drunk.In terms of time selection, don’t care too much about the time of the Spring Festival. You should continue to hold some positions, especially high-quality varieties of fundamentals, and cherish leading companiesEquity, Hold it firmly, and don’t do too much unnecessary high selling and low buying.

(Source: 21st Century Business Herald)

(Editor in charge: DF052)

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