The Three Kingdoms Go challenge ends Jiang Dongyun’s winning streak

The Three Kingdoms Go challenge ends Jiang Dongyun’s winning streak
29-11-2022 13:31:15.0 Source: Xinhuanet
Author: Wang Hengzhi Qin Huajiang

The 24th Nongshim Shin Ramen Cup World Go Team Championship (referred to as Three Kingdoms Go Challenge) ended the eighth online match on the 28th. Chinese chess player Lian Xiao defeated Korean chess player Jiang Dongyun in the middle game.L Yuta’s attack.

In this set, Jiang Dongrun played black first, and the two played relatively well in the first half of the set. But in the second half of the match, Jiang Dongrun, who had already won four games in the group arena, was exhausted. First, he could not catch Lian Xiao’s mistake, then there was a huge attack by Xiao Jie who killed the big dragon on the left side of the black chess mistake. Afterwards, the two played 20 more moves and Jiang Dongyun conceded in the middle of the game.

Lianxiao ended Jiang Dongyun’s winning streak. On the 29th he will accept the challenge from the Japanese team leader Yuta Iyama. This match is also the last match of the second stage. It is worth mentioning that the Japanese team has never won a game with four players before. If Yuta Iyama loses, the Japanese team will soon go out. At present, both the Chinese and South Korean teams still have three chess players.

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