The threat of a critical lack of electronics. Producers cannot do without a share of the crown Companies and markets

PRAGUE The year with the covidu-19 pandas will be fully reflected in the global electronics market. Technological producers of errors have given a significant amount, without them they can not complete the production of laptops, smartphones, but also household consumption and displays. Customers have to deal with limited deliveries and rising prices.

After all those powerful computers, smartphones and electronics were added to the list of defective goods so-called display driver. Unlike the hundred-dollar IP from Intel and other technology giants, it will cost just a dollar, but it will still be able to stop even the largest manufacturers of electrical engineering. Weakened producers are far from afraid to meet demand. You can have everything else, but once the display driver fails, the final product simply doesn’t come out, to Stacy Rasgon, who is involved in semiconductor manufacturing at Sanford C. Bernstein.

Takov zjem vrobci neekali

The only function of the display driver is to give basic instructions to light up the display of the device. According to the Bloomberg agency, their lack, in addition to typical televisions, laptops and smartphones, will turn you into the production of cars, planes or refrigerators and other household consumption.

In addition to limited deliveries, the lack of these cheap systems is likely to drive up the price of electronics. As the Bloomberg agency stated for the example, this was reflected in the LCD TV, their prices doubled compared to last January. According to Bloomberg, due to the extreme shortage of the ip display driver, the upward trend will continue at least until this quarter.

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Interest in personal electronics erupted worldwide last year, when one country after another began coronavirus. At home, entertainment, work, but also education began to take place, and so the people began to buy new and better laptops, televisions, game consoles and gave equipment that would make it easier to bake in the lockdown. The living does not stop even after a year of living with pandas.

Of course, the world‘s producers did not cope with such a demand in the spring of last year. As the epidemic began to spread to other countries, many companies preventively reduced production capacity or the flow of production later sent a disease of covid-19. We assumed that a similar pattern would occur as during the financial crisis, and therefore we stopped all projects. But Poptvka was very prune in this case, Rasgonov explained.

Vy vroba vy ceny

Companies for the production of IP bag have created a situation of unknown advice. For example, one of Taiwan’s main semiconductor producers, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, said it was unable to meet demand even if the factories operated at more than 100 percent.

I have not found such a shortage of ip in the twenty years since the company was founded, stated Jordan Wu, co-founder and editor of one of the nevtch suppliers of the ip display driver Himax Technologies. Even other producers agree that building additional production capacity would make the goods more expensive. That would be expensive, Wu concluded.

Lack of childcare recently stopped production in Ford, Nissan and Volkswagen, for example. As a result, you expect a profit of more than $ 60 billion. The manufacturer of Samsung electronics is also experiencing problems. The light at the end of the tunnel is still a sight for companies.

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