The third stage of the Erinu Cup in motocross will be held in August – Motoru sports –

The Erinu Motocross Cup was opened with a stage on May 7, while the second stage took place on June 4. It will have been a full month and a half since the last round of this motocross series on the day of the round.

Riders of eight classes – 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, MX Mini, MX1, MX2, as well as drivers of sidecars and quadricyclists will always take part in the race. The season is coming to an end and this means that the athletes will be in a special mood to fight for awards and overall points.

This is one of those races that doesn’t have a lot of riders, but there are exciting starts. Both small and large drivers will participate in the competition. Professionals, amateurs, solo riders, quad riders, sidecar crews and more – the race will be fun.

Qualification rides or free practice sessions start at 9:30, but the first start at 11:00 a.m. The schedule may be changed at the representative meeting before the first start. Entrance is free for spectators.

Erin Cup in Motocross

Stage The date
1. May 7
2. June 4
3. August 20
4. on September 17
5. October 1

Full competition calendar: HERE

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