The thieves fled with the files of the patients from the Titan Polyclinic

Terrible shock for doctors who have medical offices in the Titan Polyclinic. On Friday morning (January 8th), when they came to work, they found that their offices had been vandalized and “relieved” of valuables. These are three portable computers, which contain vital information about the health and medical history of hundreds of patients. If the three devices do not cost more than 3-4,000 lei second-hand, the personal data about the ailments suffered by the Bucharest residents registered here are invaluable, because they can no longer be recovered. Among those trampled by thieves is the diabetologist Alina Gabriela Dia, who spent the whole day yesterday giving explanations to the police. “Three offices were broken into, including mine. They took what was easier to transport, the laptops, which contained the patients’ files “, the doctor told us, confused.

The culmination is that the thief or thieves, the police do not know yet, entered a cabinet through a window on the ground floor, carelessly left open. From there, he made his way to the other medical offices, which communicate with each other. There was a lot of sales at the Titan polyclinic on Friday. Hundreds of people came to the consultation without knowing what a terrible thing had happened a few hours before. Access to the offices on the ground floor, left wing, was restricted for further investigation. The police interrogated the doctors, the nurses, the guards and took fingerprints from the three rooms.

Until the end of the investigation, we will not know why the thieves chose to break into a traditional medical clinic in Bucharest and how it was possible to enter, “through the front door” as they say, without anyone spotting them. On the night of the burglary, the building was monitored by a single guard, who told law enforcement that he had not seen or heard anything suspicious.

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“It’s loud in the sky”

Nicolae Matei, 70 years old: “Burglary at the polyclinic? It’s loud in the sky. It does not seem normal to me not to be a guard as it is appropriate in an institution with dozens of medical offices equipped with expensive equipment. I hope he catches the perpetrators quickly. “

Anca Bălăceanu, 43 years old: “We should have more guards here, because the medical records of the patients and all their history are at stake. I can’t believe this has happened. Even our personal data is stolen ”.

Nicolae Negreanu, 67 years old: “I don’t have exact information, I don’t want to accuse someone unjustly, but I think that someone inside provided the tip to these thieves. This is the land of thieves and scoundrels. We don’t get rid of them forever. “

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