The theories handled by the maternal lawyer 40 days after the death of Tomás Bravo

Estefanía Gutiérrez, Tomás’s mother, pleads that more than a month after the child’s death, the truth is finally clarified and his body delivered to him, which is in the SML in Concepción. A situation that keeps her heartbroken while her lawyer, Pedro Díaz, is investigating at least two theories about the homicide. The professional, who also led the case of Fernanda Maciel, indicated that “about 15 pending examinations are being awaited” and that the police proceedings continue in the area. However, it already points to two lines of investigation, of which a possible kidnapping is the one that has gained more force. A hypothesis that Estefanía supports. They already warn that if the SML maintains the conclusions of its first report, the lawyer will file a complaint for kidnapping, also investigating the post-mortem outcome, where it is expected that third-party intervention could have occurred with a false alarm by a firefighter. In the middle of this month, the hearing to raise the secret of the investigative pieces will be held by the Prosecutor’s Office, and the defense of the child’s great uncle, Jorge Escobar, would know the results of the DNA tests.


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