The Thambanur police located the father whom the son sought after he departed the country following his resignation from work.

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ The Thambanur police found a native of Uttar Pradesh who left home three months ago due to family problems and handed him over to his relatives. The police found Krishna Kumar Gupta (55), a native of Badshapur, Uttar Pradesh. He left the country three months ago. After reaching Banaras, he couriered his mobile phone home. Then he was working in various places.

He had arrived in Thiruvananthapuram a few days ago with the money he received for working at Tabuk Company in Tirupur. Krishnakumar, who had been staying in a private lodge in Thampanoor for days, was found by the police while inspecting the lodge the other day. Relatives say that he left the house 3 months ago when the police called the mobile number given by him after being suspicious about his behavior.

His son Shashank Gupta informed the Thambanur police that a complaint has been lodged with the Badshapur police regarding his disappearance. After learning that his father had left home, Shashank, who was an employee of an IT company in Bengaluru, had left his job and was investigating on his own in Badshapur. Shashank Gupta and his brother-in-law arrived in Thiruvananthapuram yesterday on the basis of the information given by R. Prakash, SHO of Thambanur. Then Krishnakumar Gupta went to Thampanoor police station and took him home.

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