The TFC in Nancy this Saturday evening: in the East, something new?

the essential
After their draw last Saturday against the Corsicans of AC Ajaccio (2-2), it is already a redemption operation for the Violets who visit Nancy in the evening of this Saturday, July 31 (7 p.m.) on behalf of the second Ligue 2 day.

Go to Lorraine. Tonight, it will be – already – the watchword of Philippe Montanier. From the second game, therefore, given the wet firecrackers at the opening of the ball at the Stadium last Saturday with, let’s move the knife one last time in the wound, only a draw while the Toulouse have led twice, evolving in addition to 11 against 10 Ajacciens more than half time.

“The pressure, explains the téféciste coach, we know that we will have it in every match. There is not a meeting where we can say to each other: ‘Well, there we will be quiet.’ “This is L2. And whatever our result in Nancy, the deadline in Pau next week will be just as important. But we like it, smiles the former coach of Real Sociedad, that’s the job.”

Learn the lesson

So much the better. Because the path leading to reunion with the L1 is strewn with pitfalls. All the more reason not to spoil occasions like last weekend. “Clearly, continues Montanier, we lost two points. It’s annoying but the time is not to redo the match as they say. We debriefed on Tuesday – video edits in support; we were less in the game. ’emotional.” The word is out and can be put forward as one of the reasons for Toulouse’s failure. The group is still very young (behind, especially), and will sometimes have sinned in the technical accuracy.

Do not do more, but better

“We lacked quality in the finish.” Apart from the waste in the transmissions that we had noted, too, here. Now, what is encouraging is that the ingredients are there, on the ground, within reach if you dare, out of the locker room; it remains to find the recipe to mix them well. The ball is alchemy. it passes or it breaks and it never plays out much. The border is fine.

The former Tef goalkeeper does not say anything else: “Usually a coach will chastise his team by inviting them to do more. Us, that’s not it; we have done a lot. However, we have to that we do better. Especially in the two zones of truth. ” Quality at both ends, the golden rule in football: the right gesture at the right time, what.

“Frankly, Montanier still regrets, we did not go far from victory. We concede very few situations. Because if there are areas for progress, reasons for satisfaction are also in order.”

“The hard core is stable, solid, with elements of experience that remain the foundations of the workforce, rejoices the tactician of the Violets. They supervise the young guard and, at the finish, we have something to win met.”

Win. We come back to it… “The meadow is the same for everyone, we are 11 against 11 and there is only one ball in the middle. Here is the philosopher of the English and I admit that I got used to the idea. The goal, concludes Philippe Montanier, is to try to win every weekend. “

Life without Adli

Starting with Marcel-Picot who inevitably brings back good memories at Toulouse FC, winner 3-1 last year with a look signed Adli. The nugget won’t be here tonight, and maybe forever. to its partners to shine. Show yourself, emancipate yourself. So that the TFC really starts its season and takes off. History to avoid the first turbulence.

The opponent: squealing hinge, slamming attack

For the new Nancy coach, defense quickly became a central issue.
As proof: Daniel Stendel, a German technician who arrived this summer to succeed Jean-Louis Garcia, literally has to tinker with the reception of Toulouse.
The question is arithmetic. To the already injured Basila and El Kaoutari was added the unavailability of Haag, excluded Saturday in Pau. Do the accounts: zero axial in stock for the former Scottish coach of Heart of Midlothian! Result: back in his training club, to supervise the reserve in N3, Samir Bouzar joins the pro group and will sit on the bench as the only defender!
Behind, experimental …
On the lawn, it is thus an unprecedented duo at the post that will be aligned, in this case two circles. Akichi – a 6 that goes back a notch – and Delos – a left piston that will refocus. Ogou Akichi at ASNL since 2019 and Shaquil Delos defector of the offseason from relegated Chambly. The two will therefore be the pair for the needs of the Lorraine cause. Which, on the other hand at the forefront, presents other guarantees on paper. In this case, a trio Biron-Thiam-Jung which should abuse a lot of teams during the season.
… but in front, lethal
Not complicated: the trifecta in the order consists of the first trigger of the ASNL 2020-2021 (12 goals), of the sure value of the division passed by Dijon and Clermont then in the antechamber of the elite and, quite simply, the top scorer and National player the previous year in the jersey of Quevilly Rouen (21 goals).
“It’s a team that has completely changed its philosophy, finishes brushing Philippe Montanier. Very aggressive, high pressing which disrupts the camp opposite. Yes, it is an opponent to be feared. But I do not not see many clubs in this championship that are not to be feared… “
Welcome back to L2, Philippe.


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