The textbooks

Be careful with the wording.

A few years ago, talking with Carlos Fuentes at the Universidad Veracruzana, this character told me that a basic Mexican library had to be created, because more than 50%, and it went low, the only books in a house are books of text, which in another time had a lot of controversy because they wanted them to be unique, and when other additions were allowed, the situation calmed down.

Textbooks are also going to be, surely, on the internet, and take four days to review, it is silly for someone who does not know the impact they have on Mexican culture, because there children and young people feed on our identity , including the history and way of thinking of the Mexican.

And when we are in an uncertain time and you want to print a new ideology, through the so-called 4T, using textbooks is like they did in Cuba, Russia, Venezuela and China, to alter the way of thinking and break the scheme historical reality.

Descartes: I think, therefore I exist… I hope that, with time, true experts will review them and that the federal government knows that what it is doing is very important, because it is not the present; it is the future.

Luis Eugenio Todd

[email protected]


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