The text about the “messed up” trace has disappeared. Politicians and hygiene pushed

The text described the story of a police officer whose son brought the infection home from the Prague club Techtle Mechtle. This started his problems with the hygiene station, the description of which the police placed on their communication channels.

The accusation on the Internet disappeared on Monday evening, both from the police website and from social networks, where the article was available. For example, it is recorded here.

The reason for the download is unknown at this time. He warned before Diary Nthat Prague councilor Petr Hlubuček asked for the text to be deleted, which he considers the method of communication to be inappropriate. According to him, the statement has nothing to do on the official channels of the city police.

According to the head of the Prague city police, Eduard Šuster, the hygiene itself requested the download of the text at the weekend. “On Saturday at 2 pm, as director, I had a phone call with an employee of the Regional Hygiene Station (KHS) of the Central Bohemian Region, where I expected that they would want to know the details and deal with the matter. I was very wrong. The person in question wanted to censor our social networks and demanded the withdrawal of the contribution, “said Šuster Right.

“The problems at the first onset of the coronavirus crisis could still be understood by the lack of knowledge and experience of those who decide our destinies. However, the following story describes a real situation experienced by one of our employees living in the Central Bohemian Region in the last fortnight. The information is true and of course the identity of the employee is known to us, “the city police told the story of one of its colleagues, whose identity was not disclosed.

According to the police officer, a general practitioner and an ENT doctor diagnosed his son with the flu. The request for a coronavirus test was later written only to the son, the result was to be within two days, and testing of the rest of the family could follow after another two days. Only a private laboratory brought a positive result for the coronavirus in his son. According to the police officer, the Central Bohemian hygiene worker then told the family to call the contacts she met at home, because she is after working hours.

According to today statement the Ministry of Health had a general practitioner and an ENT doctor immediately send the person concerned for a coronavirus test. In case of a positive result for the disease, the regional hygienic station was to start an epidemiological investigation and send the remaining family members for tests.

The Central Bohemian Regional Hygiene Station refuses to make a mistake. She stated that she had followed the established methodology and that her staff had carried out an epidemiological inquiry beyond her working hours. The hygienist offered the mother of a positive man verification of the result, even though she was already on her way home from work, the hygienists said.

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