The Tesla team began to take original revenge on those occupying places from their own ranks

Electric car drivers know the problem intimately; the space at the charger is occupied by someone who has no business being there. At first, it was regularly the drivers of internal combustion cars who did it either out of malice or sheer ignorance. Their behavior was even given the English name ICEing, based on the English abbreviation for internal combustion engine ICE (we could freely translate this word into Czech as, for example, fossilization). But the days of pioneering enthusiasm quickly ended and, unfortunately, electric cars are no longer bought only by considerate enthusiasts. Reckless abuse of standing at chargers, often conveniently located as parking spaces, has also started to spread among electric motorists. And suddenly we have a new nickname EVholes (something like electric bastards).

While for most brands these conflicting situations are difficult and time-consuming to resolve, Teslas have come up with an elegant and quick revenge against other Teslas standing at Supercharger sites without charging. They use the fact that Teslas open the cover of the charging connector after pressing the controller on the Supercharger even without the presence of the owner, and simply connect the car of this brand occupying the space to the corresponding stand. As is well known, Teslas do not need additional authentication at the stand, and after connecting to the Supercharger, they immediately connect and start charging. And after the end of charging, they charge dynamically set parking fees, which can be very greasy at exposed times in busy places. So, a surprised unscrupulous bodybuilder will find his car connected and often a hefty parking fee on the invoice upon his return.

At first glance, this elegant revenge is without a doubt a better alternative than the various attempts to block the exit, or even deflate the wheels or damage the car. But it violates the basic rule that you don’t touch someone else’s car, moreover, a jerk can easily avoid such retaliation by parking further away from the stand, or vice versa (Superchargers have short charging cables). In addition, it is clear from the attached videos that the Avengers are proud of their deeds. What do you think about this?

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