The Territori Sonor brand engulfs part of the IVC’s musical project

VALENCIA. Last September the program of Oh! La Cultura Tardor was presented, a program of 32 concerts by 23 Valencian music groups that would tour concert halls throughout the Region. The goal was that Valencian Institute of Culture program in private spaces to help them after the deep crisis to which they have been subjected by the pandemic. The IVC was in charge of caching the groups and renting the rooms; and they only had to take care of personnel costs and collect benefits.

A week after the start of the cycle, the IVC plans were truncated: Health “recommended” to hold the concerts without an audience because of the bureaucratic labyrinth to which they themselves have led the halls. The concerts in the premises happened, but from the department led by Ana Barceló they advised that a public institution better not promote it. The tickets sold had to be returned, but to maintain the commitment to the theaters, they maintained the cycle, although it would be recorded and without an audience.

At the same time that this was happening, the IVC and À Punt signed an agreement by which the cultural entity would transfer 850,000 euros to radio and television to directly compensate for the lack of cultural content on the grid. It was resolved through a public contest in which companies could present their projects. Along these lines, which was presented the day before the new Oh! La Cultura format was announced, a contest was specifically included to determine which production company would record the concerts, which can therefore be seen on À Punt.

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LOF Media, a company that already produces the musical radio program for À Punt Sound Territory, was the winner of this contest. And taking advantage of the brand that they already have consolidated in the radio, these concerts are being recorded under the brand Territory in concert, thus displacing the IVC’s own, Oh! La Cultura. According to a source from Culture, the name of the public action “will be present in all the signage”, but not in the scenography, where only the name of the À Punt program will be present. That is, the official logo will be inserted in post-production.

The IVC will continue to pay for the room and group rental, in addition to paying for the program through the non-refundable agreement with À Punt, but its presence in this will be discreet, in favor of the marketing of the production company. A decision, moreover, that would be incomprehensible with any other audiovisual company, since LOF Media is the owner of Sound Territory.

In addition to the performances, the production company is also conducting interviews with the groups and producing a program that is not limited solely to recording the concerts.

The close relationship between the producer and the IVC

It is by no means the first time that a company run by audiovisual producer Rafa Piqueras has obtained a contract from the Institut Valencià de Cultura. In fact, quite the opposite. Through minor contracts, the different producing companies of this have produced the three galas of the Carles Santos Awards. In 2018 through Famazing Entertainment SL, in 2019 through Love Our Films Media SL; and in 2020 through Malabar Serveis Gràfics i Editorials SL. The three contracts touch the legal limit of minor contracts, although in reality Rafa Piqueras is hired separately as director, in addition to also separating the script (the three years also to Jose Carlos García García) and the assistance to the direction (the three years to María José Hernández Mora). The total production of the gala, if it were a single contract, would have to be tendered.

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In 2019, nominations for the Carles Santos were officially read through the social networks of Sound Territory, giving the scoop, usually resolved through a press release or a call for all the media, about public awards for a specific radio program. Piqueras also appeared as a script assistant in this year’s Performing Arts awards, which were directed and co-written by Roberto García himself, Deputy Director of Performing Arts at the IVC.


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