The terrible moment a jet ski ran over a street vendor in Los Cabos

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The incident occurred on the edge of the Club Mango Desk (Video: Facebook BCS Noticia)

A jet ski run over this friday at one peddler who walked on the sand on the beach The Medano located in the tourist city of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.

Local media reported that the woman lost her life at the site, after being lying on the sand after the strong blow received by the motorcycle.

A video that captured the moment of accident shows when the jet ski leaves the sea already without the driver on board, runs over the woman and hits the shore of a restaurant called Mango Desk.

The vehicle was driven by a man who jumped into the water before the bike left the sea.

The jet ski crashed in front of a restaurant on El Medano Beach, Los Cabos. (Photo: Screenshot)

Paramedics and security elements arrived to attend the emergency.

The restaurant in front of which the events occurred regret what happened and that it was due to factors external to the premises.

“Our facilities were directly damaged and our image collaterally, however, what concerns us, concerns and We regret as a priority are the sad consequences of the accident“The Mando Desk club reported in a statement on its Facebook site.

The restaurant in front of which the jet ski crashed regret what happened.  (Photo: Facebook Mando Desk)
The restaurant in front of which the jet ski crashed regret what happened. (Photo: Facebook Mando Desk)

The restaurant said cooperate “fully” with the authorities investigating the facts.

The El Medano beach It is one of the busiest in Cabo San Lucas, from where the structure of the famous Arch with which this tourist site in Mexico is identified.

View of El Arco, popular postcard of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, in Mexico.  (Shutterstock)
View of El Arco, popular postcard of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, in Mexico. (Shutterstock)

You can also observe the whale visit at different times of the year. In addition, various water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, jet ski, kayak y paddleboard.

In the place, street vendors offer chains, necklaces and other souvenirs for tourists who visit the site.

And sharks in sight …

Local authorities alerted the population and bathers about the presence of sharks near the beaches of Los Cabos.

“Riparian fishermen have reported on the Shark watching on the beaches of La Ribera, La Playa and Chileno”, Said the director of Civil Protection of Los Cabos, Erick Santillán, quoted by local media.

“What we do not want is that there is a greater risk, since the beaches were long without the presence of humans, so marine species expanded their natural habitat, “he added.

Carlos Narro from the Sudcalifornian Fisheries Association (Asupesca) said that without human presence for six months, the marine species approach the coast “Therefore they attract sharks, so it is important that the population take preventive measures and avoid entering the sea.”

Time after confinement began for the coronavirus pandemic, In various parts of the world the presence of animals has been seen in unusual places in other times.

For example in Nuevo León bears have been observed walking through the streets and even inhabitants have been photographed with them.

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa), in collaboration with staff from Parks and Wildlife and Civil Protection, made a operative for their catch and relocations, with the purpose of avoid new interactions that they put in danger to the specimens and persons.

The best way to preserve the life of black bears, a species in danger of extinction, is to relocate them, since according to the behavior they present, you can see the loss of fear of people and noise to scare it away, said the authority.


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