The Telltale Signs of Serious Illness: How the Condition of Your Lips Can Reveal Health Issues

The Telltale Signs of Serious Illness: How the Condition of Your Lips Can Reveal Health Issues

You can tell by the condition of your lips that a person is seriously ill

September 26 – NVL. According to the therapist, you can determine whether a person has a serious illness if you look closely at his face

Therapist Alexandra Belova said that if the lips are unhealthy, it can be assumed that the person is seriously ill. If a person is healthy, then his lips will be even, smooth, of the usual color and will not create additional discomfort. The expert noted that with some diseases, lips may become blue, and non-healing cracks or ulcers may appear. The information was shared by the information publication

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The condition of the lips suggests the presence of irritable bowel syndrome, accompanied by diarrhea, bloating, cramps and constipation. People with this diagnosis may experience angular cheilitis or seizure. The specialist noted that when eating, there may be a lack of B2 vitamins or the presence of a fungal infection.

The doctor said that pneumonia can cause young people’s lips to turn blue. This is called cyanosis. Children with pneumonia may have dry lips.

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It is possible to assume the presence of lip cancer based on the condition of the lips. It can appear on the skin of the lips, often on the lower lip. A sign of such cancer may be a non-healing ulcer on the lip. The specialist said that medical statistics show an increase in the number of cases of this disease over the past 20 years. The risk of such a disease may increase with smoking and with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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The article is for informational purposes only. If necessary, you should seek help from a specialist. It is also worth noting that smoking can harm the human body.

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