The televoters in particular did not like Belgium: from whom did we receive points? And which place did Jérémie Makiese reach in the semifinals?


The Belgian entry Jérémie Makiese has with his song Miss You eighth place in his semifinal. This is evident from the results that were announced after the final. Just like in the final, Belgium received fewer points from the public on Thursday than from the professional jury.

Makiese played in the second semifinal on Thursday, which was won by Sweden by a large margin, ahead of Australia and Serbia. He collected a total of 151 points, of which 105 from the juries and 46 from the public, good for eighth place. The top ten from each semifinal advanced.

In the final Makiese finished in 19th place out of 25. Especially the televoters were relentless. The Netherlands gave us 4 points; the audience of moldova gave us a single point. And that was it.

That while the jury was more convinced of the qualities of song and artist. Belgium received points from 13 countries. Not a single 12, but an 8 from Serbia, a 7 from Italy and a 6 from Bulgaria, France and the Netherlands. Australia and Spain gave 5 points, followed by points from Israel, North Macedonia, Moldova, Albania, Cyprus and Sweden. Good for a jury total of 59 points.

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