The team of the end of Auchan. Ice-cream drinks. Donuts. War. Russia

The Management Board of Ekipa Holding, in a statement issued on April 1, announced that the company asked “all partners producing and distributing goods under the Ekipa brand to immediately withdraw them from the group’s facilities Auchan“.

As noted, the final decision to withdraw products from Auchan’s shelves “remains with the partners and cannot be unilaterally forced by the company.”

“However, we categorically expect that, according to our will, these products will not be available in this network” – we read in the statement of the owners of the Ekipa brand.

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The team wants to put pressure on Auchan

No products Teams in Auchan is to put pressure on the network to make a decision to leave the Russian market in the event of the country’s aggression against Ukraine.

“We want to use the influence we have to increase the pressure on the Auchan group to suspend its activities in the aggressor country, hoping that this may contribute to accelerating the end of the war in Ukraine” – underlined in the justification signed by the management board of Team Holding.

Łukasz Wojtyca, the manager of the Crew, specified that in Auchan stores, products with the Ekipa brand will not appear in the French chain in the future.

The French chain of stores Auchan, despite numerous appeals from consumers or even the Ukrainian authorities, does not intend to give up further operations in Russia. President Yves Claude in an interview with the French weekly “Le Journal du Dimanche at the end of March” stated that leaving the Russian market would mean the loss of jobs for many people, not peace.

– The French retail chain Auchan (owned by the Adeo Group and the French Mulliez family) will continue its operations in Russia as the company acts in the interests of the civilian population – said Auchan CEO Yves Claude.

The team has their own ice cream, notebooks, drinks

In the spring of last year Ice cream with the Ekipa brand, produced by the Koral company, was a sales hit. Their first batch immediately disappeared from stores, and subsequent batch also appeared in the Biedronka and Lidl chains. At the end of April, Koral launched an additional production line, announcing that thanks to this, one million pieces of ice cream by the Team will be produced per day. In July It was announced that Herlitz would produce a series of stationery designed by the team members. However, in September Ekipa carbonated orangeades were launched for sale, Krynica Vitamin is responsible for their production.

The activities of Ekipa Holding mainly consist of youtube channels of a group of creators gathered around Karol “Friz” Wiśniewski (Ekipa Management is responsible for the sale of their advertising offer) and an online store with clothing and gadgets (managed by Ekipatonosi).

In July, there were a lot of accusations against the activities of the team, incl. songs from her “Season 3”, blowing up the car and the fall of the Beskidzki Biuro Inwestycyjne. Crew members have referred to them in an extensive video. Weronika “Wersow” Sowa admitted that she had used the owl logo illegally for two yearsand Nowciax – that he should not buy a toy that uses Cypis’s song without a contract.

In the second half of June, the Holding Team announced that it had sold shares of the new issue for PLN 10.38 million. The funds obtained were allocated entirely to development.

The company is preparing to enter the Warsaw Stock Exchange through the so-called reverse takeover of Beskidzkie Biuro Inwestycyjne.

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