The team has fulfilled what we require. He played actively, offensively, showed character, the coach commented on Cypriot training, FAČR

“We will analyze and evaluate the unchanged chances, but I was satisfied with the commitment and approach of the players,” the coach said in an interview provided through the football media association. But he also voted on other things.

The premiere of Petrášek and Hovorka – It was a little known that they were playing together for the first time. For example, in the communication we talked about during training. But in the end they managed the premiere. Talk very well, we expected from Petrášek and believed that he would score. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it, but they played a decent match with Hovorka.

National team rookie Tomáš Petrášek (left) in a duel with Cypriot Andronikos Kakoullis.

Petros Karadjias, ČTK / AP

Debut of Aleš Matějů – An inconspicuous and calm player who played regularly in the Italian Serie A last season, which he exchanged for the Serie B after the descent of his team. Everything is open because he also played a decent match.

The biggest positives he took from the match – Even though it was a preparatory match, all the players unlocked it because they wanted to show up. However, there was a lack of calm, and therefore goals. However, it was also a tax on a set that was not completely standard. But the team fulfilled what we want and demand – to play actively, offensively and show character, whoever starts.

Handicap resulting from a single joint training – We’re used to it. We managed it at the last meeting in September, when we also had problems, and now we have managed. And good. Now we just hope that the two upcoming League of Nations matches will turn out similarly.

Knowledge before duels in Israel and Scotland – With the victory in Cyprus, we have embarked on the path to two more matches. In Cyprus, we will now have the opportunity to train for two more days, watch the video, analyze the preparation in peace. There will simply be time for football at last, which should be reflected in the upcoming matches.


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