The tariff is IDR 70 thousand, here are the differences between Premium and Regular Telegram features

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Messaging platforms Telegram bring out premium features with cost subscription Rp. 70 thousand per month. How is it different from the free features?

This premium feature is made to accommodate the interests of its users who have been asking for it since the last few years. However, the existence of this Premium feature will certainly not reduce Telegram’s claim as an independent application.

“Contributions from users who subscribe to Telegram Premium ensure that Telegram can continue to drive application development in the long term, as well as keep Telegram available for free with all the features that have existed so far,” Telegram said in a statement.

There are 12 benefits that users can get by activating Telegram Premium. Subscribed users can also access a number of exclusive features in addition to the free features available.

Here are 12 Advantages of Premium Telegram:

1. File upload limit is doubled to 4GB per file, while free users will still be able to upload files with a maximum limit of 2GB per file.

2. Features download media and files with maximum download speed.

3. Increased access restrictions for Telegram Premium users, including the limit to follow a channel of 1,000 channels (500 for free users), creating 20 chat folders (10 for free users) with 200 chats each (100 for free users), have four accounts for one Telegram app, pin 10 chats (5 for free users), and 10 favorite stickers (5 for free users).

4. Perform transcription (conversion of voice messages into text) for voice messages that users receive from their interlocutors.

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5. Various unique stickers, including full-screen animated stickers that are updated monthly by Telegram designers.

6. Various unique premium reactions with more than 10 new emojis.

7. Easier chat management, including chat folder settings (can use standard folders or customized folders).

8. Various new settings in the Privacy and Security menu, including to automatically archive and mute new messages.

9. Telegram Premium users can install videos to use as animated profile photos. Premium user profile videos are viewable by all users of the application

10. A special badge as a Telegram Premium member, which will appear next to the username and appear throughout the application interface.

11. Various unique icons that can be selected by the user for the home screen on the user’s smart device.

12. There are no advertisements and sponsored messages on existing channels.

To get the benefits of Telegram Premium, you usually subscribe with costs ranging from Rp. 73 thousand to Rp. 79 thousand per month.

Apart from that, you must also download the Telegram app to the latest version 8.8 of the iOS, Androis, macOS and Windows platforms to use the Telegram Premium features.

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