The Taliban return to the brutal past. He hung a dead body on a crane in Herat

A man who runs a pharmacy in the square told the agency that four bodies had been brought to the site, three of which ended up on display in other squares in the city. According to him, the Taliban told people that the four of them took part in the abduction and that the police killed them.

The local police commander, who was installed by the Taliban, later said that the quartet died in a shootout with the Taliban while freeing the abducted man and his son. According to him, the kidnappers wounded one Taliban member and a civilian during the fight. The kidnapped man was said to have been released.

Nuruddin Turabi, one of the founders of the radical Islamist movement and a major proponent of a strict interpretation of Islamic law during the Taliban’s first rule in Afghanistan, told the AP this week that the group intends to carry out executions and cut hands again. According to him, however, this may not happen in public as in the past.

Since the Taliban took control of the Asian country in mid-August, many Afghans and the world have been anxiously watching for the Taliban to resume tough rule in the second half of the 1990s, when Afghanistan first ruled Afghanistan. The leaders of the radical group remain rooted in a deeply conservative and harsh worldview, although they are embracing technological changes such as mobile phones, the AP noted.

Taliban officials have previously said they will not repeat the fundamentalist policies of their movement’s previous government.

An unnamed Taliban official meanwhile announced today that a bomb blast near a road in Nangarhar province hit a Taliban car and injured at least one person. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the explosion. A similar branch of the Jalalabad last week, in which 12 people died, was reported by a local branch of the terrorist organization Islamic State, the AP said.



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