The Taliban have demanded that the United States unfreeze their billions

The Taliban took power in Afghanistan in August Photos: Reuters

A Taliban delegation led by their foreign minister, Amir Khan Mutaki, met with senior US officials in the Qatari capital, Doha. This was announced by Mutaki, quoted by DPA.

In an interview with the Afghan news agency Bakhtar, he said that at the meeting, the Taliban delegation had asked the United States to allow Afghanistan to use its frozen assets.

After the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan again in August, the United States froze nearly $ 9 billion in Afghan assets located on US soil. This has led to a serious shortage of currency in Afghanistan and to rising prices for basic foodstuffs and fuels.

“No attempt should be made to weaken the current government, as instability in Afghanistan is not in anyone’s interest,” Mutaki said.
The Taliban minister also said a delegation led by him had requested humanitarian aid for Afghanistan. According to Mutaki, US officials have said Washington will consider asking for help.

It was the first live meeting between Taliban and US officials since the Islamist movement returned to power in Afghanistan, the DPA notes.

The international community should deliver the promised aid to Afghanistan immediately, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said today, Reuters reported.

Lack of resources is hampering efforts to prevent an economic crisis that could provoke new waves of migration from Afghanistan to neighboring and other countries, the commission said.



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