The Syndicate of Theatrical Professions issues a statement regarding Mohamed Ramadan’s photo crisis

8:09 PM

Sunday 22 November 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

A short time ago, the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions issued a press release regarding the crisis of the artist Muhammad Ramadan’s photographs with Israelis, which occurred recently.

“Masrawy” obtained a copy of the statement, and it said: “In the last hours, the Syndicate Council followed with all interest and responsibility stemming from a patriotic and national stance representing the masses of Egyptian artists and creators, what happened to the individual behavior of a member of the Syndicate in an artistic gathering in a sister Arab city, and he took pictures. With artists belonging to the usurping entity. “

The statement continued: “The representative professions Syndicate Council, as it deals with the details of this controversial incident, first confirms the full and complete support for the rights of the brotherly Palestinian people, the union’s commitment to the collective position of Egyptian artists and its permanent adherence to the positions and decisions of the Egyptian and Arab artistic unions towards such behavior.

The statement added: “In this position, the Council is fully aware of the difference between the official treaties that Arab governments are bound by and the popular, cultural and artistic stance on the issue of normalization, noting that the Syndicate Council reserves its right to take whatever actions and decisions it deems appropriate in light of the internal regulations and laws governing the work of the union.” .

The statement concluded: “We have called for an emergency meeting with the Technical Syndicate Union tomorrow, Monday 11/23/2020 at exactly five o’clock in the evening, to take decisive decisions in this regard … May God help us and you for what is good for our beloved Egypt.”

Pictures of the artist, Muhammad Ramadan, were widely shared by the public, with a number of Israelis yesterday.


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