The Swiss shorted against the French in the first period, but after the turn they remain undefeated – Czech Television – Czech Television

“We want to win every match. We are so set. We want to win and play a good match before the quarterfinals,” Swiss forward Philipp Kurashev told the IIHF website towards the duel with the Germans.

The opening third belonged to the French, who went to the match with the certainty of rescue and at the same time without a chance to advance from the quarterfinals. After a minute, Rech scored the left pole of Berro’s goal, and the Swiss immediately defended themselves during For’s expulsion. He then defeated the Swiss from renumbering Suter and Malgin’s Gallet defensive intervention. In the 5th minute, France took the lead. Texier caught Corvi’s pass and beat Berra.

With the exclusion of Sacha Treille, Ylönen dealt with Malgin’s shot and Moser missed. In the 13th minute, he got ahead of the Swiss goalkeeper Rech, but failed with a backhand bluff. By 13:25 it was already 2: 0. Clair striker Claireaux ended the combination of Tim Bozon and Texier into an open goal. In 26 seconds, Glauser fouled in Tim Bozon’s escape, but Texier didn’t change the penalty shot.

The Swiss only survived after 25 seconds of the second period. After Meier’s pass in renumbering, Captain Hischier scored. After the elimination of brothers Tim and Kevin Bozon, the French defended themselves for 98 seconds in the weakening of three against five and resisted during Texier’s stay on the penalty bench, but in the 33rd minute it was equalized. Riat ran Geisser’s shot from the blue line. In the time of 35:42, with the exclusion of Chakiachvili, Ambühl scored from a position between the rings, who pushed his record of matches at the World Cup to 121 matches.

“We stopped forging, we started to back off a lot and we were static in the middle zone. They beat us at their own speed. We probably didn’t expect them to come at us from the second period onwards,” said French defender Hugo Gallet.

“We didn’t play our game in the first period and they fought. We had to recover and play the way we used to. We had a lot of chances, but first we didn’t change them, then yes,” said Swiss boss Michael Fora.

Kukan took the lead 52 minutes into the game, making the score 0 – 1 after some elegant movement down the middle. The French still tried to dramatize the end in power play, but Hischier completed the result in an empty goal, who improved to five goals in the tournament and is second in the scoring table behind the Swede Rasmus Asplund.

“Today we weren’t prepared as we should be from the beginning. They had a great start, but we were able to react well in the second and third periods and we won. We had chances in the first period as well, but we tried hard to invent and we lost “But in the end we got through enough to succeed,” Kurashev added.

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