the sweet memory of Summer Live

Roberta Capua can’t really forget her, at Summer Live she moves with her beautiful words and the sweetest memory.

It never ceases to be one of Rai Uno’s flagship programs, we are talking about Summer Live which, in addition to being a container for in-depth analysis always very popular with its audience, sometimes also finds a way to create real moments of emotion, such as what the hostess found herself telling in one of the recent episodes.

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“The time has come to remember her” said the presenter during the last live broadcast not hiding the strong emotion, the same one that certainly also felt all the audience and present in the studio.

But let’s take a step back and try to understand who we are talking about, certainly it is a character that no one will ever forget.

Roberta Capua remembers Raffaella Carrà: “We all miss her”

Roberta Capua back to the center of attention but this time not for the accusation that she has made to the world of TV but for a very sweet memory that the presenter could not help but do during the episode of Estate in Diretta.

“The time has come to remember her. It’s been a year since she disappeared, it’s a year that all of us are missing, I’m talking about Raffaella Carrà “ these are the words that the presenter said live and again: We were here. It was our turn a year ago to make this announcement ”.

Of the really important words those of the presenter who once again underlined how the death of the beloved Italian showgirl, singer and presenter was a hard blow but not only for Italy but for the whole world: in fact, her art continues to really know and admire all over the world.

But that’s not all, the two Rai Uno hosts always connected with the seafront of Bellaria during their memory and chatted with the Mayor and Enzo Paolo Turchi, in fact in the last few hours the waterfront dedicated to Raffaella was inaugurated. , a wonderful news that adds to what the two of them have always given: “Rai also has a good initiative, from today the Rai production center in via Teulada will be named in honor of Raffaella Carrà ”. The absolute proof that true art makes immortal.

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