The suspicion of treason was reported to the former functionary of the Party of Regions – SBU who fled to Crimea

“The SBU reported suspicion of high treason to a former functionary of the Party of Regions, who before the Revolution of Dignity headed one of the districts in the Kherson region.

According to the SBU, the suspect is an ethnic Tatar; he moved to Crimea immediately after its occupation by Russia and “became actively involved in the pro-Russian agitation of the Crimean Tatar population.”

“Against those who did not share his ideas, he initiated persecution by the occupation authorities. The suspect created a public organization to“ unite the Crimean Tatar people, ”the SBU explained.

According to the source of the publication “GORDON” in law enforcement agencies, we are talking about Seytumer Nimatullaev. Before the occupation of Crimea, Nimetullaev was the head of the Genicheskaya district state administration of the Kherson region.


Russia annexed Crimea after illegal referendum on March 16, 2014… The accession of the peninsula to the Russian Federation is not recognized by Ukraine and most countries of the world.



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