The survivors break their silence

Kaylee Goncalves (21), Madison Mogen (21), Xana Kernodle (20) and Ethan Chapin (20) were killed in their bed in the small town of Moscow, Oregon on November 13.

The culprit is still at large.

Two other students who lived in the flat slept through the massacre and alerted the police.

Now they have spoken publicly about the tragedy for the first time. They did so in a letter that was read on a Friday evening, he writes ABC News.

“They all lit up every room they entered and were gifts to this world. Every single day I wish I could give them all one last hug and tell them how much I loved them,” one of the housemates said in the letter, which was read by a pastor.

She further stated that the late Mogen used to tell her that everything happens for a reason but that she was now struggling to find the reason for this tragedy.

The other surviving roommate said in the statement that the deceased “lit up every room he walked into.”

– My life has been greatly influenced by meeting these four beautiful people, says the statement.

CHRISTMAS WREATH: Police cordon off the house where the students lived together and where they were brutally killed Photo: Ted S. Warren/AP
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A few words about the tragedy

The Moscow police are very secretive when it comes to the massacre, write The independent.

They themselves claim to be searching for the perpetrator and have reviewed over 1,000 hints, conducted over 150 interviews and collected a large amount of evidence.

So far no one has approached them with a suspect.

– We are checking all the clues, said the police chief James Fry in Moscow.

The survivors break their silence

– Targeted

According to the coroner, it is likely that the deceased students were asleep when they were attacked.

However, some of them had marks that may indicate they tried to defend themselves when they were stabbed multiple times.

There is one claim in particular that has attracted attention, which is that the police have labeled the student killings as “targeted”.

They have not yet wanted to answer questions in relation to this.

– There were survivors here. And — based on evidence at the scene — investigators believe it was a targeted crash, Fry said.

Police have so far refused to answer what kind of evidence was involved.

– You just have to trust us, said Roger Lanier of the Moscow police at a press conference, according to The independent.

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