The surprising confession of Charlotte Caniggia about her relationship with her parents

Charlotte Caniggia

Charlotte Caniggia He is enjoying his summer vacations and took advantage of his free time to go back and forth with his followers on social networks. In her official Instagram account, the media assured: “I really want to tell you about myself so ask.”

One of his followers asked him: Do you get along with your parents? The young woman revealed how the current bond with Mariana Nannis and the Caniggia Bird: “No. I have no relationship with either of them. When they separated, they both turned their backs on me. They only spoke to me to find a fight or they speak to me badly ”.

Mariana Nannis and Claudio Caniggia
Mariana Nannis and Claudio Caniggia

Then the young woman added: “So I don’t talk to either of them. I don’t care anymore but I did have a very bad time and I was very sad with that situation. With these statements, she surprised her followers since she usually prefers not to talk about her parents since they divorced in the middle of a scandal.

The post of Charlotte Caniggia (Photo: Instagram)
The post of Charlotte Caniggia (Photo: Instagram)

Although estranged from her parents, Charlotte has a good relationship with her brother Alex. The driver is going through a very special moment in her life since her partner, Melody Luz, she is pregnant. “We are very happy, we are looking forward to pampering you and filling you with love. We wish you, we are looking for you and we will take care of you forever,” the couple announced on social media.

After the news broke, the influencer expressed her joy: “I am super happy that I am going to be an aunt. I’m sure I’ll be the best aunt in the world. The baby is going to have a lot of love. Happy for Melody and Alex, they are going to be the best parents in the world. I love them”.

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Recently, rumors began to circulate indicating that those who met at the end of April 2022 -when both participated in the first season of The Hotel of the Famous- they would be the parents of a girl whom they would call Venice. However, it was the parents themselves who took it upon themselves to announce it.

It was through a video in which Alex is giving kisses to Melody’s belly. In the background, the song plays Honeyby Lauri Garcia. Both are dressed in a blue shirt. “It is coming Vincenzo”, assured the driver of The usual strangers, the entertainment cycle of El Trece. And he added: “Viking baby”, along with two blue hearts and in the middle the emoji of a boy. The origin of the name that the dancer and the entertainer chose is Italian, it means “the winner” or “the one who has come to win”.

Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz are expecting their first child (Instagram)
Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz are expecting their first child (Instagram)

The loving relationship between Alex y Melody began at the end of April within the first edition of The Hotel of the Famous. And, already within the reality, pregnancy rumors began to circulate that they were in charge of denying. However, over the months both were strengthening their relationship more and more. To such an extent that, after having opted for coexistence and having made a trip to Europe, in October they decided to seal their union with a significant tattoo.

Now the couple prepares for the arrival of Vincenzo in the coming months. In this way, they will become a family with the birth of their first baby.

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