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Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe was interviewed at the Taipei Industrial Digital Transformation Cooperation System press convention on the 10th. A conflict broke out involving the intern named Jiao and the media.

Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe was interviewed by the media at a Taipei Industrial Digital Transformation Cooperation Platform push meeting on the 10th of this month. A conflict has occurred among an intern in the mayor’s workplace and an electronic media reporter. It was later on revealed that the intern was a guy named Jiao, the 3rd era of the consortium, who entered the municipal federal government for an internship ahead of subsequent the strategies. At that time, Jiao Nan spoke unwell of the reporters current at the scene and mentioned, “Do you know who my mothers and fathers are?” The tv reporter did not rule out that he would have filed a lawsuit. Despite the fact that Jiao Nan not too long ago transformed his instagram privately, he posted an write-up accusing him of remaining pushed and thrown to the floor at the time, also accusing the media of cleverly deleting the photograph and praising Ke as a clean up and honest politician. Ke Wenzhe stated today (17), this is just a baby, why do you treatment so much? Just smile.

It is reported that the male named Jiao who went to the Beishi govt for an internship is the third generation of a perfectly-recognised consortium of organizations. His mother, Ma Weixin, is the daughter of Ma Zhiling, the founder of the Yuanta team, and his father is Jiao Youqi, the 2nd era of Huaxin Jiao’s household. When Jiao Nan accompanied Ke Wenzhe on the community tour on the 10th, a conflict broke out with an electronic media reporter who pointed to every single other and claimed malicious words and phrases and even choked “You know who my mothers and fathers are? “,” You are useless “,” You men are dead “I know the standard manager of the media” and other remarks. Town Councilman Xu Shuhua questioned this situation a several days ago, and questioned that Jiao Nan did not followed the internship system. Ke admitted he didn’t adhere to the policies. He explained: “I confess I was improper.”

As the incident escalated, Jiao Nan was even now putting up on his private instagram and whilst he admitted utilizing foul language, he accused himself of currently being pushed and “pushed to the floor” and even referred to the graphic of the media that pushed himself to the ground “reduce in an incredibly sensitive way”, only the scene in which he faces it soon after receiving up is preserved. Eventually, Jiao Nan also claimed that he individually apologized to Ke Wenzhe and praised Ke as a clean up and upright politician. Ke wanted to transform Taiwan and hoped anyone would give Ke Wenzhe a possibility. The Television set station reporter observed the other party’s defamatory allegations and did not rule out the likelihood of suing for proof.

Ke Wenzhe was interviewed prior to attending the Taipei Education Expo opening press meeting in the morning. He was requested about Jiao Nan’s post on Instagram, hoping all people would give Ke a probability? Upon hearing this, Ke smiled again, “Give me just one additional likelihood? Very well!” Ke Wenzhe claimed yet again, no, he felt like this, “This kind of newborn is just a toddler, why do you care so substantially?”

Ke Wenzhe claimed that younger individuals normally say a little something weird at periods: “I’ll say why everyone need to be held accountable for their business, just smile!”

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