The surgeon cut off part of the penis of a 5-year-old child in Pavlodar

The surgeon cut off part of the penis of a 5-year-old child in Pavlodar
news-id-114122" style="display:inline;">With a complaint about a pediatric surgeon who suffered a little boy, his mother turned to one of the Pavlodar telegram channels.

“On August 23, 2023, I brought my five-year-old child to the traditional Muslim circumcision ceremony at the Pavlodar regional hospital, to pediatric surgeon A. However, due to a medical error and his criminal negligence, one third of the glans penis was amputated for my son. The head of the surgical department himself admitted that This is a medical error,” wrote the parent.

Now she and her son are in the center of motherhood and childhood in Astana. The child, according to the mother, is in serious condition, two catheters were taken out, and the doctors do not say anything about the forecasts, since the surgeon damaged the urinary canal and urethra.

“In order to cover up his negligence, the doctor redoes the extracts, corrects the entries, and until that time this extract has not been given for review,” the woman complained.

She urgently asks the Minister of Health, as well as the Commissioner for Children’s Rights, to check the arguments of her appeal. Take measures to restore her son’s health and punish those responsible.

“A commission has been created by the Health Department on this fact and an internal audit will be carried out, based on the results of which appropriate measures will be taken. A letter was sent to the department of the Committee for Medical and Pharmaceutical Control of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Pavlodar region to open an unscheduled audit on this case,” commented the situation in department.
At the same time, they added that the specialist who performed this operation has 13 years of work experience, as well as I qualification category in the specialty “Pediatric Surgery”.

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“At the moment, the doctor has been suspended from operative surgery. Currently, the child is in the urology department of the Center for Motherhood and Childhood in Astana, his condition is stable,” the health department said in a response.

In 2012, there was a similar case in Karaganda, when a doctor cut off the head of the penis of a 5-year-old boy during a circumcision operation. Doctors then sewed on the amputated part of the organ, but it did not take root.

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