The supervisor reminds the Corendon and TUI in order to voucherbeleid NOW

The rights of the consumer in the arbitration proceedings with the implementation of the voucherregeling for the package. This is stated by the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) from controls.

“The PAST has a GARDEN and Corendon pointed out in the rules, and ordered the communications to consumers about their rights,” according to the ACM. The tour operators have to shoot, according to the regulator, especially the lack of information they give customers the right to a refund.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, travel a lot of pleasure to cancel the order. Industry trade association, TRAVEL has been a coronavoucher is introduced by way of a credit note for the cancelled holiday. That voucher could then, at a later stage to be used for a vacation.

However, consumers are equally entitled to their money back if they want to, even if they already have a voucher and have to be accepted. And this is where, according to the ACM, are not clearly communicated. “This issue is covered widely in the travel and tourism industry.” In particular, about a GUY and Corendon, two of the largest players in the Netherlands were a lot of complaints.

Apart from the unclear communication about the right to a refund, as it has in the PAST to them also drew attention to the fact that the residual value of a voucher does not expire-and when not to use the voucher within its period of validity, the value will automatically be paid to you. “Consumers don’t need to ask.”


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