The superhuman task of playing football on a potato field, criticized Coufal’s Letna turf

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“Especially when the superhuman task was to try combination football on the Letna field. All you have to do is walk on it and it’s like walking through a potato field. Slide, clay, mud … I’m not even surprised that the boys from Sparta are so injured, “the captain of the Czech team, Vladimír Coufal, hurried with a critical accusation.

After all, it was the Spartan midfielder Jakub Pešek who complained of his injury and had to take turns after less than half an hour.

I am not satisfied, we should have finished second, the head of Czech football was heard

“He had muscle problems and could not continue. We didn’t want to risk the muscle breaking, for example, so we replaced it, “confirmed Šilhavý’s assistant Jiří Chytrý, who also coached the team this time instead of the head coach thrown into quarantine.

Czech footballers will not be used in the playoffs. They may come across Italy, Wales or Scotland, FAČR

As in the Olomouc preparations with Kuwait successfully, as the Czech team achieved the mandatory win.

“It was not easy, but all the boys worked the match. Only dealing with offensive situations could have been a little better. And the productivity of the attackers as well, even though it was the work of the provided service and the cooperation of the team, “Chytrý commented on the qualifying farewell at Letná in Prague.

In the end, the 2: 0 win was only enough for third place in the group, so the Czech national team finally made it to the barracks only thanks to the championship in its League of Nations division.

The national team did not get an embarrassing farewell to the group, the deployment before the playoffs

“The group turned out as expected, although our goal, of course, was to get second to Wales. However, the qualifying passage did not work out for us, when we lost in Belgium and drew at home with Wales, “Šilhavý’s assistant reminded the week, which deprived the national team of a better position.

“Second place would still not be enough for us to be deployed. And the fact that we ended up in Wales does not change anything at the prestige of football. Now it will be important to do everything we can to succeed in the play. Personally, I would like to see Wales or Scotland again, which we defeated at the European Championships on its pitch. It would be fun if we did it again, even if it would be difficult this time, “he thought to a potential opponent in the Coufal barracks.

Whistling for Krmenčík? He doesn’t have to deal with it in any way, says coach Jiří Chytrý, FAČR

“I would also choose an opponent from the Islands, ie Wales or Scotland. Just because we would be able to get through them. In addition, we have experience with both teams, because we were preparing for them, “assistant Jiří Chytrý had the same wish.


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