The sunny weather will remain on Sunday. In places, the thermometer bar will rise to +30 degrees –

In some places – mainly in the second half of the day east of Riga – rain and thunderstorms are expected.

Slow winds and no winds are expected, rain clouds will create gusty winds. Fog will form in some places at night.

The air temperature at night will drop to +12 .. + 18 degrees, during the day the air will heat up to +27 .. + 30 degrees, on the coast – to +23 .. + 26 degrees.

Mostly dry and sunny weather is expected in Riga on Sunday. There will be no wind at night, the air temperature will be +18 degrees, in the suburbs +13 .. + 17 degrees. During the day the air temperature will rise to +28 degrees, on the seashore – to +24 degrees. A gentle north wind will appear in the afternoon.

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