The summit of the Mediterranean countries will discuss the dispute between Greece and Turkey / Article /

Disputes between Greece and Turkey will be one of the main topics at a meeting of Euro-Mediterranean leaders on Thursday, 10 September.

The meeting of politicians from the seven countries is organized by French President Emmanuel Macron and will take place on the island of Corsica.

Not only Greece, but also several other European countries are currently experiencing deep tensions with Turkey. This is due to disagreements over the extraction of energy resources in the eastern Mediterranean.

Both Athens and Ankara consider the area to be their own.

The Greek-Turkish dispute will be discussed at the Mediterranean summitArtyom Konohov00:00 / 00:46

The countries of the European Union are largely on the Greek side in this dispute. French President Emanuel Macron is expected to discuss the latest situation with Greek Prime Minister Kirjaka Micotaki before a joint meeting of the seven leaders.

France and Turkey also have very different views on the situation in Syria and Libya. Consequently, officials in Ankara and Paris have also exchanged sharp statements recently.


Tensions between NATO members Greece and Turkey over energy development in the Mediterranean remain. NATO and the European Union have encouraged both countries to settle disputes through diplomatic channels.

Turkey, which is dependent on energy imports, is not reassured that it is not involved in extracting natural gas from the Mediterranean. Last year, Turkey began research work near Cyprus, the northern part of which has been controlled by an Ankara-backed government since 1974, to which Greece objects.

Brussels has warned Ankara that new sanctions can be imposed on Turkey if necessary. However, they would jeopardize the agreement reached between the bloc and Turkey, which helped reduce the flow of migrants to Europe.

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