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The Sudden Passing of Renowned Novelist Hamdi Abu Jalil: A Tribute to His Life and Works

Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Sharif

Sunday, June 11, 2023 10:11 am

Recently, the writer and novelist passed away Hamdi Abu Jalilthe author of the actor’s narration, at the age of 56, and his departure was sudden, as he died after the night of celebration and honoring him.

The writer and novelist Ahmed Qarni had posted on his personal page on the social networking site Facebook, “Survival is for God.. It was a night full of his brilliant presence, honoring him, and his testimony about writing, life, and man, but we did not know that it was the last night.. Farewell Hamdy Abu Golayyel.. a few days ago he called B to tell me his desire to donate part of his land to build a house of culture in the middle of the desert.

And I contacted “Qarni” to find out the details of this night, and he said:

Under the auspices of the Sub-Syndicate of the Beni Suef and Fayoum Writers’ Union, in the presence of writers, writers and friends at the Youth Library in Sennuris, the novelist Hamdi Abu Jalil was honored.

The symposium began by talking about Hamdi Abu Jalil’s creative career full of influential texts in the modern Egyptian narrative scene, including his group Retired Thieves, his novel The Actor, and then his novel Al-Sad Shin. He talked about Hamdi Abu Jalil’s world, which is the world of the desert. Where the virgin stories, a scholar, Hamdi Abu Jalil excelled in dealing with its details very deeply, which made him one of the most important who wrote about the desert and its stories. woman.

And he talked about his creativity, the writer Ahmed Toson and the writer Essam Al-Zuhairi, who dealt with some of Hamdi Abu Jalil’s works and showed his uniqueness and the specificity of his narration. The writer Saeed Noah gave a testimony about his literary biography and their long friendship.

The poet Ashraf Abu Jalil also gave his testimony about Hamdi, how he began his writing career, how he suffered, and mentioned that his narration of the actor resembles him exactly as the poet Muhammad Hosni spoke about the writer.

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