The successor to the Volvo XC90 has a preview date! The EX90 will be the safest Volvo in history

Volvo has confirmed the preview date of the new EX90 model. The electric SUV will eventually replace the current XC90 and become the safest Volvo in history.

Volvo offers us a first look at the successor of the model XC90, but instead of the car’s appearance, the focus is on its safety. The presentation was led by the brand’s new head, who took over in March this year, Jim Rowan. In it, he said that the car’s driving assistants, whose name was confirmed as EX90, will be the most advanced the brand has ever introduced. Their functionality will rely on a LiDAR sensor located in the front of the car. The result should be a 20% reduction in serious injuries or deaths and a 9% reduction in the number of accidents.

LiDAR helps the car create an idea of ​​the world around it using a laser, with the sensor positioned near the roof of the Volvo EX90. The electric SUV will also be assisted by sixteen ultrasonic sensors, eight cameras and five radars. The advantage of LiDAR is that, unlike similar cameras and devices, it does not depend on the lighting conditions. According to Rowan, he can also see up to 250 meters in front of the car.

The EX90 will be the first Volvo model to feature a LiDAR sensor, but certainly not the last. It will be gradually rolled out to other models of the brand and will eventually become part of the Volvo Ride Pilot system, which will allow Swedish cars to drive autonomously at level 3.

In addition to looking at the outside world, the Volvo EX90 will also monitor its interior, especially the driver. The Driver Understanding system will check if the driver is tired or distracted through a couple of cameras and a capacitive steering wheel. If the driver falls asleep or is no longer able to continue driving for health reasons, the system stops the car and calls for help.

With an emphasis on protecting the driver and the car’s environment, the EX90 should be the safest Volvo in history. Apart from a hint of the new body shape, the presentation of the brand did not give us a very clear idea of ​​the appearance of the car. The images allegedly coming from the patent office, which we talked about recently and which you can also find in the gallery of this article, can give a clue.

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