The success of Lidl shoes: they cost 13 euros, sold online for over 100

In Finland, Belgium, Germany and Great Britain they are already snapped up. Now – who knows – they could perhaps also land in Italy, ready to have the same success. Thanks to the bright shades that distinguish them, the new sneakers from Lidl they are candidates to be the highlight of the summer wardrobe of those who do not like to go unnoticed. Blue, yellow and red, they are sold by the German chain for 12,99 euro, but many complain that they can no longer find them n in the stores n on the official website. Of course, if you think that the stocks are gone sold out in a few days. The only way to buy them is therefore to rely on online marketplaces, where they are often sold to extremely higher prices. To realize this, for example, type Lidl shoes su eBay: you can easily see that only a small part of the ads is actually in line with the original cost. Definitely more numerous cases in which the requested amount reaches exceed 100 euros. But, as reported on Mirror, overseas there are also those who pushed themselves up to £ 450.

Finland, in April, was the first country in which the new sneakers took hold (literally), determining long queues at the entrances e gatherings. Something never seenand the employees of Lidl itself were primarily surprised. To be classified instead as simple provocation a 6 thousand euro announcement appeared on the local Tori marketplace. But what was it that led to such a success, now spreading to half of Europe? certainly the unusual mix of colors, combined with an ultra competitive price. Ideal shoes not to take themselves too seriously, between kitsch and tacky but still more than valid to make people talk about themselves on informal occasions. But there is also another factor to consider: despite the sensational welcome, Lidl has already announced that the model will no longer be put back on the market. This is why so many are hurrying to get the few specimens left, even if on the wrong way and at a price ten times higher than the starting price.

For the record, however, consumers have also received discreet consent the other products in the same line (who listed on the Belgian site of Lidl). Among these a couple of yellow slippers equally showy, to form, when you wear, the chain logo. Cost: 3.99 euros. At 0.99 euros are available instead white tennis sockswhich are also strictly branded. And there is no shortage either t-shirts for both him and her, again at 3.99 euros. The clearest demonstration that to be fashionable you don’t necessarily have to spend prohibitive amounts. It may be more than enough to have a trolley and retrieve a few coins from your pockets.

July 7, 2020 (change July 7, 2020 | 4:53 PM)


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