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The success of Blablabla Caisses in Carrefour hypermarkets

At the Carrefour de Quétigny, it’s a novelty since mid-January: a Blablabla Caisse. Customers can choose her when they want to take their time and chat.

An appointment for some customers

It’s been a real success at the Carrefour de Quétigny, and especially with regular customers. Florence is an employee of the hypermarket, and she noticed it: _“I know it’s working well because the cashier who volunteered already had customers who ‘blabbered’ and now can do so stress-free.”_The trick is very simple: lCustomers are warned with a sign, it’s up to them to choose a classic box if they are in a hurry!

Adapt to everyone’s rhythms

At the Carrefour de la Toison d’Or, these Blablabla Caisses have been present since 2019. They are right in front of the automatic cash registers. A paradox that makes Céline smile, a client: “we don’t all have the same pace of life so depending on work, activities, society has to adapt.”

Shana is a cashier, she volunteered to welcome customers to these Blablabla Caisses. For her, the real difference with traditional checkouts is the pressure from other customers: “Sometimes the other customers get impatient, because they are in a hurry, it’s normal, but here, they are warned”.

Given the success of these Blablabla Caisses, the Carrefour group plans to install them in more and more hypermarkets.

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