The subsidence of the Alexandria Corniche pavement has nothing to do with Turkey’s devastating earthquake

09:05 PM

Monday 06 February 2023

Books – Muhammad Abu Al-Majd:

Engineer Mohamed Ghanem, spokesman for the Ministry of Irrigation, confirmed that the landslide that occurred today in the Corniche of Alexandria has nothing to do with the devastating earthquake that occurred today in Turkey and Syria.

“Ghanem” said in a telephone interview to the “On My Responsibility” program on the “Sada Al-Balad” channel today, Monday, that the landslide occurred as a result of the waves resulting from the nucleus of generosity, which occur in Alexandria every year, and the people know the dates, strength and intensity of the nuclei, “explaining that Some impact occurred on a small part of the Corniche sidewalk, with a distance of 20 meters, in Sidi Bishr.

And he continued, that the waves, due to their strength and intensity, led to the exit of some sand from the bottom of the pier, and a slight subsidence occurred, explaining that the Beach Protection Forces in Alexandria affiliated with the Ministry of Irrigation are carrying out continuous traffic work on the beaches to check on the stability of the coastal areas, and when the matter was monitored, communication was made immediately and coordination with the agencies. Alexandria Governorate, the Arab Contractors Company and the Alexandria Traffic Department, and take the necessary measures.

And he continued, that broken stones and concrete were used to fill the gaps between broken stones that were placed under the Corniche sidewalk as an urgent measure that was implemented quickly, in addition to that it was started hours ago to lay large concrete blocks to create a large and permanent protection for this area and work is still continuing until now.

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And the spokesman for the Ministry of Irrigation added that the Corniche of the city of Alexandria was closed to a distance of 20 meters in front of the Sidi Bishr area, and the Alexandria Traffic Department had a major role in driving the cars carrying the stones that were placed at the landing site.

He pointed out that the impact of the violent waves, which were about 5 meters high, which collided with the beach and dragged part of the sand under the sidewalk, which led to a very slight subsidence, which was dealt with immediately, stressing: “The urgent procedure was implemented this morning, and the concrete blocks are being placed this afternoon.” They are getting close to finishing it up.”

He explained: “We predict rain 72 hours before it occurs, with regard to the Ministry of Irrigation and Agricultural Lands outside Alexandria and the northern Delta in general through the Flood Prediction Center. : “Things went well in the agricultural lands and in the rainy areas in the north of the Delta.”

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