The subscription campaigns of FC Cartagena and UCAM Murcia CB are a success in their first days of life | Radio Murcia

Both FC Cartagena and UCAM Murcia CB are savoring the honeys of the good work that has meant doing the fertilizer campaign with such precociousness. However, it should be noted that this is possible thanks to the marketing idea behind it, where hitting the nerve with the fans has been the great culprit.

On the part of Efesé, the club has managed to make more than 700 subscriptions in 24 hours for the 2020/2021 academic year, something that the entity itself has highlighted on social networks. The official channels for this are: the club’s website, a telephone number to call the offices, physically go to Cartagonova to make the payment at the offices and even write to the president Paco Belmonte on Twitter so that he himself can resolve the possible doubts of the fans, if any.

On the part of UCAM Murcia CB, the rhythm is slightly slower even if they started on Wednesday, but the reasons must be contextualized in a campaign that is based on appealing to the unity of the fans and the club, all of this to go hand in hand and ” achieve triumphs “, as highlighted in the press conference of the campaign presentation Sito Alonso. Right now, the number of subscribers, according to club sources consulted by La SER, amounts to 254. A positive number if we take into account that subscriptions can only be made through the club’s website and not physically at the Palace because the offices for this are closed.

As of Monday, the university entity will have a telephone number available to make inquiries and open the range of resources to become a subscriber for the next campaign. The illusion for this is palpable on social networks, as some fans pose with a UCAM elastic and write that they have renewed with the club. This gesture is a call effect that more fans are joining with positive messages towards the university team.

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