The student’s father helped bring dozens of children and teachers out of the Texas school during the shooting

“There’s an active shooter here,” Mrs. Albarad wrote to her husband. She told the reporter that she and her fourth-year students were hiding in the classroom under the benches and behind the curtains at the time, while Jayda locked herself in the restrooms. “Help,” she said. communication with her husband, then she added: “I love you.”

Albarado reportedly ran out of the hairdresser’s and hurried to school, armed with a shotgun that his barber had lent him. Upon arrival at the Robb Elementary School campus, he learned that an intervention unit was about to break into the area where the shooter was. He quickly agreed with other security forces to go to the wing where his daughter was, in order to evacuate as many people as possible, according to the NYT.

Pieta in Uvalde for Irma Garcia killed in a shooting in Texas

Photo: Jae C. Hong, CTK / AP

The five-member team then went through school and helped the children to get to safety, the father of the eight-year-old girl described. According to him, dozens of upset pupils and teachers were evacuated during the improvised operation. Jayda was among them, Albarado said. He said he hugged her, but then went back to help the other children. “I did what I was trained to do,” he said.

In the meantime, he shot 19 children and two teachers, making the attack on a primary school in South Texas one of the bloodiest school shootings in US history.

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