The student who collapsed from drinking has a coronavirus

The schoolgirl, who was admitted to hospital after drinking alcohol to the point of fainting during an online lesson, has a coronavirus, BNT reported.

One of the collapsed students after drinking alcohol in Blagoevgrad during online training at the beginning of the week remains for treatment at Pirogov Hospital. The girl is in general good condition, but is under medical supervision, as she was infected with COVID-19.

In the case of the drunk schoolgirls, an inspection was appointed by the Regional Department of Education in Blagoevgrad, as well as by the Child Protection Department. At the moment, no teachers have been punished in connection with the incident.

The Education Inspectorate in Blagoevgrad has requested reports from the principals and class teachers of the schools where the two girls study.

The two sixth-graders had an alcohol party early Tuesday morning when they were supposed to be online. They also boasted of a post on social networks.

One girl was found helpless by her mother in the apartment where the two children were drinking.
A neighbor found the other student in the elevator, also in serious condition. Talks were held with the girls’ families after the incident. There is no information that an adult gave them alcohol.

“We have issued an order with mandatory prescriptions, and here the idea is in the direction of prevention. We have asked the pedagogical council of both schools to consider and identify measures for prevention in terms of the use of either cigarettes, alcohol, etc.” , said Metodi Popov from RWU – Blagoevgrad.

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The age limit for children who drink alcohol has fallen sharply in recent years. This is shown by the observations of the experts from the Municipal Council on Narcotic Substances in the city.

“Let’s say in the fifth – sixth grade there are already children with experience – it shows a huge gap in these children, it shows that they can not communicate with each other, it shows that they are bored with the lifestyle they lead and they are looking for something new, they are looking for other experiences that they think they will find in this way “, says the chairwoman of the Regional Council for Narcotic Substances in Blagoevgrad Magdalena Rahova.

Specialists from the Child Protection Department will work with the two girls and their families. The two schools where the girls study declined to comment on the case.


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