the student union “at the forefront of French changes”?

UNEF is on the international front page of the New York Times. We knew that this newspaper was doing badly, and that it was the incarnation of an America largely eaten away by communitarianism, racism and competition between minorities and the sexes. We will understand it better by reading the article published yesterday by the American newspaper on UNEF entitled UNEF at the forefront of French changes.

The UNEF represents less than 2% of the student electorate

UNEF at the forefront, this means that you and I are late and that UNEF is ahead of civilization, with its single-sex meetings and an ever more communitarian strategy, and less less oriented towards students. If you want to read a loving and blissful piece of paper on UNEF, read the one that the New York Times devotes to this union which represents less than 2% of the student electorate, as Marianne reminds us.

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The American daily hesitated to take a little distance from its subject, starting by titling its paper the UNEF Terreau identitaire or reflection of a changing France… But it was far too critical, so the newspaper kept the title on the internet complacent of the paper version UNEF at the forefront of change in France. A paper which is to the union what the show apartment is to real estate development. The New York Times recalls the glorious past of UNEF: to have opposed the Algerian war, and to have fought the First Employment Contract of Dominique de Villepin under Chirac.

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Mélanie Luce, President of UNEF: “We are scary because we represent the future”

If the first fight is honorable and went in the direction of history, the second was part of the worst political tactics. Because the New York Times kindly fails to recall that the UNEF was even before serving the interests of students, a branch of the Socialist Party before faltering a few years ago under cases of sexual harassment to finally lose a good part of its frames. The UNEF therefore remains at the forefront of a trade unionism which wants to be in phase with its generation but which is largely inspired by the theories in vogue on American campuses. “We are scary because we represent the future” the union president told the American newspaper. I hope that Mélanie Luce has read the article posted online last night by Le Monde which explores the attraction that Marine Le Pen represents for 18-25 year olds. Le Monde also explains how the National Rally became the leading party for the 25-34 age group. This should make not only Mélanie Luce think but also our colleagues in pamoison of the New York Times on the famous avant-garde. “

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