the strange lumps that appear in the neck and armpits are swollen lymph nodes or adenopathies

These nodules are actually swollen lymph nodes located precisely in these areas and coincide with the nodes closest to the area where you inoculate the vaccine. The exact name of these inflammations is adenopathy And they can have many causes. In this case, its appearance is due to the vaccine and the stimulation it produces of the immune system.

What are lymph nodes and adenopathies

The nodes are encapsulated structures of the lymphatic system whose function is to filter and drain the lymph in certain parts of the body. The lymph contains white blood cells and it is precisely because of an abnormal concentration of these that inflammation occurs and these lumps appear in the armpit or neck area.

Of natural form, glands may swell as a reaction to an infectionnot well as a symptom of more serious diseases such as cancer. In the case of vaccine against covidthe inflammation occurs in a very similar way to that recorded during any infection. The immune system reacts to the vaccine and is overstimulated, causing an accumulation of white blood cellss in the ganglia closest to the area in which the aggression has been detected, in this case the vaccine. This accumulation of white blood cells in the nodes causes the lumps to appear as a result of inflammation.

As a general rule, the appearance of these nodules after the administration of the third dose of the vaccine is not important. The patient may experience some discomfort or very minor pain as a result of the inflammation in the armpits and neck. However, these are temporary sequels. The swelling subsides after a few days.

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