The Strahov Autokino starts showing in Prague again. It also gives Booze in the network

“If there is no complete curfew and if there is adequate attendance, the car cinema will not interrupt the operation,” said the organizer Adéla Maternová. “We are very happy that even at this time we can offer viewers the experience of watching movies together on the big screen. Thanks to the earlier twilight time, we are now able to check in two screenings a day and offer the program to younger viewers on selected days, “she added.

Viewers can watch, for example, Booze starring Mads Mikkelsen this week. A screening of the Czech documentary In the 18+ Network is also being prepared, followed by a debate with director Vít Klusák. On the occasion of Halloween, a special screening of the iconic horror film John Carpenter from 1978 will take place on Saturday, October 31. The current program can be found on the car cinema website.

The capacity of the area is 120 cars, visitors can order refreshments via SMS with delivery directly to the car. Leaving vehicles is only allowed in cases of absolute necessity. Admission to all screenings and cultural events is 350 crowns for one car.

Tomorrow they will screen the award-winning film Chlast in Strahov. (Video: Total Film)

In the spring, the autokina replaced the cinemas, which had to shut down due to Covid-19 from March 10. Classic cinemas could start limited operation on May 11, they are now closed from October 12.

In car cinemas that do not present premieres, there was the greatest interest in the documentary In the Network, which Vít Klusák shot together with Barbora Chalupová and which is a shocking account of child abuse on the Internet. Hundreds of people also came to the most visited film of 2019 Women in Running, the musical Mamma Mia! with the subtitle Here We Go Again based on the songs of the ABBA group and the spectator hit by Jiří Havelka Owners.

Autokina began to be established in Prague and other cities. The car cinema, which grew up at Václav Havel Airport, opened on April 24 with the iconic American film Pulp Fiction. The Žižkov Freight Station was transformed into an outdoor cinema on 27 April. Autokina has also appeared in Sokolov, Liberec, Mladá Boleslav or Příbram. On the other hand, the car cinema in the parking lot at the Džbán swimming pool near Divoká Šárka, which was to be operational from 6 May, did not raise enough money and ended.

In the Czech Republic, it is obligatory to wear veils even in the territory of municipalities if a person is closer than two meters to another. Exceptions are members of one household or people playing sports. Veils are mandatory in the car again, unless you drive alone or with members of your household. At the same time, people must have their mouths and noses covered in all interiors of buildings except households or accommodation, in cars and on public transport platforms.

From Thursday 06:00 to November 3, the government also today ordered restrictions on movement and restricted contacts to a meeting of no more than two people unless they are from the same household. Participation in demonstrations is also limited to 100 people, so far 500 people could meet. A maximum of ten people will be able to attend weddings and funerals, with a limit of 30 on Monday.

The screening of shipping containers in the post-apocalyptic area of ​​the Spartakiad Stadium at sunset in the heart of the city creates a unique atmosphere in a long-abandoned place in the heart of Prague.

Films of the Aerofilms dramaturgy are screened in Strahov 3 times a week for both cars and pedestrians.

There is a huge screen measuring 13 × 6 meters, on which it projects a projector from the Aero cinema in a maximum resolution of 4K and a unique scenery.

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