The story of the tragic ending of the hero of the play “Shahid Mashafish Haja” with Adel Imam

January holds a special and important memory for fans of the play “Shahid Mashavish Haja”, starring Adel Imam.

And in January 1922, the artist “Nazim Shaarawi” was born, who played an unforgettable role in this play.

The artist Nazim Shaarawi began his artistic career at the end of the 40s, and achieved fame
Reasonable in his theatrical works with the artist Fouad Al-Muhandis, but after that he won fame
A wide play, “Watch the needy”.

But the end of “Shaarawi” was not as delightful as his plays, as he was exposed in the end of his days to a health problem that he was forced to perform his role in the series “The Other Man” with the artist Nour al-Sharif in a wheelchair.

Soon after, he announced his retirement from the art and disappeared from the limelight, especially that he suffered from excruciating pain in his body and could no longer move or leave the house as well as suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The lights went away from “Sharawi” and none of the artists visited him at his home except a few, most notably Tamer Hosni, Dalal Abdel Aziz, Rogina and her husband Ashraf Zaki.

Shaarawi died in 2010 at the age of 88.


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