The story of the Struma Motorway, which caused the accident with 45 victims

The fatal section of the Struma Motorway, which caused a severe accident with 45 victims – between Daskalovo and Dolna Dikanya, does not have the status of a highway. It turns out that for almost 15 years the route has been without Act 16 and is a first-class road.

“Struma” is a highway in the beginning – from Sofia to the road junction Daskalovo, then it becomes a first-class highway, marked with a road sign. Then it becomes a highway again.

According to experts, the status is not relevant to the specific incident, but it is not normal for the procedure not to be completed for years.
However, whether there are problems with the marking – the road agency does not respond.

The history of Struma Motorway

The Struma highway was supposed to be ready for the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece, but has not been completed to date. Sergei Stanishev cut the ribbons for the first kilometers as prime minister in 2007. The footage also shows the managers of the Macedonian company Mavrovo, who are the builders of the route.

Ten years later – in 2017, the expropriation procedures have not yet been completed and Act 16 does not exist, shows an answer to a parliamentary question to the then Minister of Regional Development Nikolay Nankov.

On October 12, 2007, Act 15 was signed to establish the suitability for acceptance of the construction.

The status of the route today

What is the status of the route today – for two days now there has been no answer from the current regional minister.

Georgi Zlatev, who used to head the Road Agency, commented that in our country the documentation of a construction takes more time than the construction itself.

The speed limit is 120 km per hour, as for a first class road, not for a highway. However, there is no sign that there is a place for rest and a driver who does not know the road can be misled, say car experts.

Is the section dangerous?

According to the chairman of the association of experts who prepare expert reports for court cases after such accidents, the place is problematic.

The data of the State Agency for Traffic Safety show that in 3 years there have been 10 incidents without casualties. However, Rosen Rapchev from the agency admits that the marking is not up to standard.

The Road Agency refused to answer questions about the condition of the markings and signs until their on-site inspection was completed.



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