The Story of the Penance of the Devil’s Descendant Who Lived Since the Time of the Prophet Adam


There is a history that tells about the repentance of descendants iblis who lived from the time of Prophet Adam AS to Prophet Muhammad SAW. He also often criticizes the preaching methods of previous prophets.

The story comes from the history of Abu Nu’aim and Al-Baihaqi from Umar RA as quoted from the book Sins but Enters Heaven by Muhammad Akrom.

Umar RA said, “When we were sitting with Rasulullah SAW somewhere on Mount Tihamah, suddenly one of the old men appeared holding a stick. He then greeted Rasulullah SAW.

The Prophet SAW asked, ‘Who are you?’

He replied, ‘I am Hammah bin Hayim bin Luqais bin Iblis.’

‘You and the devil are only two generations apart, how long did you spend between those two distances?’ asked the Prophet SAW.

Hammah replied, ‘The age of this world is almost extinct except for a little more, on the night when Cain killed Abel, I was still a child. Even so, I’m allowed to spoil food and sever kinship.”

The Prophet SAW said, ‘How bad are the actions of old people who are cursed and young people who are taught by them.’

Hammah replied, ‘Don’t mention that again, because I have truly repented to Allah SWT.’

Hammah also said, “I was with Prophet Noah AS in his mosque and with some believers from his people. And I also criticized the way he preached to his people until he cried and I cried too.”

“I am also one of those who regret what I did and I seek refuge in Allah SWT so that I will not be among the ignorant,” he continued.

He also said to the Prophet Noah AS, ‘O Noah, I am one of the people who are friends with the murder of Qabil, who shed the blood of a happy and martyred person from the son of Adam. Do you think my repentance is still acceptable?’

Prophet Nuh AS replied, ‘O Hammah, desire good and do it before regrets and losses appear. Indeed, I have read what Allah SWT revealed to me and there is no servant who repents to Allah SWT but Allah SWT will accept his repentance. Therefore, take ablution water and prostrate twice (prayer).’

Iblis continued to carry out what he had been ordered to do. When he prostrated, Prophet Nuh AS called to him, ‘Raise your head! Because truly repentance for you has come down from heaven.’ However, he ignored it and always bowed to Allah SWT.

He also said that he had been with Prophet Hud AS and with those who believed in him. As he did to Prophet Noah AS, he also criticized the way Prophet Hud AS preached to his people until he wept and the devil also wept.

He said he often met Prophet Jacob AS and Prophet Yusuf AS in the places of illiterate civilians. In addition, he met Prophet Ilyas AS in the valley. He met Prophet Moses AS and he also taught him the Torah.

Prophet Musa AS said, ‘If you meet Prophet Isa AS son of Maryam, convey my greetings to him.’

Then, when he met Prophet Isa AS, he also greeted Prophet Moses AS. Prophet Isa AS said, ‘If you meet Prophet Muhammad SAW, convey my greetings to him.’

After hearing the story, the Prophet SAW looked into the distance then he wept and said, ‘Peace be upon Jesus as long as the world lasts, and peace be upon you, O Hammah, upon the trust you have conveyed.’

Hammah also said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, do as Prophet Moses AS once did to me, that is he taught me the Torah book.’

Then, the Prophet SAW recited to him surah al-Waqiah, al-Mursalat, an-Naba’, at-Takwir and Mu’awwidzatain (an-Naas and al-Falaq) as well as surah al-Ikhlas.

After that, the Prophet SAW asked Hammah what he needed. However, he SAW stopped his story before Hammah conveyed his needs, so that Umar RA did not know what it was iblis the one who repents is still alive or dead.”

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