The story of the merger of the artist Laila Elwi with Mahmoud Hemida, so the cohabitation scene transformed from acting to fact and the director ongoing filming .. You will not likely imagine what happened in the finish !!

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Enjoy El Sima is an Egyptian movie produced in 2004, starring Mahmoud Hamida, Laila Elwi and the child Youssef Othman, penned by screenwriter Hani Fawzy, directed by Osama Fawzy and generated by Hani Gerges Fawzy. It is really a generally comedy movie, and the film’s main actor is Youssef Othman, and it truly is about a fanatical father and a spouse who can no for a longer time tolerate her husband’s actions, so she cheats on him with a plastic artist.

The movie tells the lifetime of a Christian relatives consisting of a religiously Puritan Orthodox Coptic spouse, a Protestant wife, a youngster and a child.

When this movie was shown, it induced a sensation: Christian attorneys and clergymen submitted a lawsuit to desire that the movie “Ema’s adore” be stopped, due to its absurd material of the Christian religion.

The movie has been given good reactions from critics, as the writer in the weekly “Buongiorno” Essam Zakaria states that the movie can be “recognized by way of several degrees”, as the system of dramatic events can represent “a fierce criticism of rigor. of the Coptic religious fundamentalism joins the authoritarian Puritanism in the family it represents ». The father and the tyranny of political power ».

The critic of the weekly “Rose Al-Youssef”, Tariq Al-Shennawi, believes that “the script created by Hani Fawzy was fluid, practical and gorgeous, jointly with director Osama, who established a condition of joy and enjoyment not without having depth. at the stage of imagined and cinematic impression “.

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