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The story of the Brazilian who discovered she gave birth to twins from two various adult men

It is pretty scarce for a female to conceive twins from two different men, so there are only 19 recorded situations in the historical report in just what experts call “superfecundation” or “superfecundation” of two or a lot more eggs in the exact cycle, up to yesterday, Wednesday, only the increasing instances had been recognized. A new just one, from a 19-year-previous Brazilian lady, uncovered previous January that the twins she gave birth 16 months in the past are not “identical” to usual twins, and DNA exams have demonstrated that just about every of them sprouted, grew, and lived there. pregnancy in her womb from a different father.

The information of the mom, whose name was not outlined, the newspaper “O Globo”, described as discreet and the most common in Brazil, and which “Al Arabiya.internet” go through yesterday, Wednesday, on its web site, opened the appetite of different media in the environment and in the relaxation of Brazilian states, to the issue that some of them have sent journalists where by the mother of the twins resides in the town of “Mineiros” in the south of the condition of Goiás in central Brazil.

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But none of the delegates succeeded in what “O Globo” did not do, which is to fulfill the mom, but spoke only with the just one who supervised the birth of her twins and performed assessments on them, the most vital of which is was the DNA, Dr. Túlio Franco, who sighed and reported that “the case is extremely uncommon, I really don’t feel I will see one thing like her in my life”. higher than, which is the only 1 in English about what transpired with her.

Two personal interactions in 1 day

The mom said she experienced two “intimate” interactions with two guys, about an hour aside on the exact day, and became pregnant by them in a process of “double fertilization” of two distinctive eggs inside a handful of hours between both equally “. and these are circumstances other than the fertilization of an egg by a gentleman, which then splits in two. “, or equivalent twins,” mentioned Dr. Franco, the host that what transpired would be the 20th situation in the entire world.

And from what the mom of the twins explained, who are quite equivalent, but she doubted the paternity of each of them when they were 8 months outdated, so she did a DNA check for who she considered was the father, and the result was constructive for a only son, and she stated, “Then I remembered that I had sex with someone else on the exact same day, so I referred to as him.” father of the next little one “.

The twins and Dr. Franco, a professor at City University of Medication

As for Dr. Franco, Professor of Medication at the Fluminense Federal College of the town, he declared that he and his pupils will train in exclusive lessons on the problem in far more depth, for the reason that it is rare that yet another, that is, that each individual of the twins have expended the time period of pregnancy in the uterus in a various “placenta”, and not in a “placenta” like standard twins. He will also established up a group that will prepare a scientific examine that can be revealed on the issue in nationwide and intercontinental periodicals.

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