The story of Sayyidah Maimunah, a pious woman, the last wife of the Prophet Muhammad SAW


During his lifetime, the Prophet Muhammad is known to have had 13 wives. One of Prophet Muhammad’s wife is Sayyidah Maimunah who is the last woman married to the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Reporting from NU (27/5) Sayyidah Maimunah’s father is al-Harith bin Hazan bin Jubair al-Hilaliyah. While his mother is Hindun bin Auf bin Zubair bin Harith. Sayyidah Maimunah was one of the earliest women to convert to Islam.

It is narrated that Sayyidah Maimunah originally had the name Barrah. Then the Prophet Muhammad SAW replaced her with Maimunah after marrying her. The meaning of Maimunah is dreams, hopes and blessings.

Prophet Muhammad SAW was not the first husband of Sayyidah Maimunah, he had previously been married to Mas’ud bin Amr al-Tsaqafi before embracing Islam. The two then divorced, then Maimunah remarried to Abu Rahm bin Abdul Uzza of Bani Amir bin Lu’ay. Then Maimunah became a widow again after her husband died.

After that he was met with the Prophet Muhammad SAW who still has a close relationship with him. Sayyidah Maimunah’s sister, Lubabah al-Kubra was the wife of the Prophet Muhammad’s uncle, Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib. Lubabah al-Kubra was the second woman to convert to Islam, after Sayyidah Khadijah.

Quoted from the book Reading the Sirah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW by M Quraish Shihab, Sayyidah Maimunah is a person who greatly admires and respects the Prophet Muhammad. Until one day, Sayyidah Maimunah confided to Lubabah al-Kubra that she fell in love with the Prophet Muhammad. She was ready when the Prophet Muhammad married her.

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Hearing her sister’s story, Lubabah al-Kubra told her husband, Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib. Then, Abbas passed the information on to the Prophet Muhammad.

Dipper was also greeted. The Prophet Muhammad then asked his cousin, Ja’far bin Abi Talib, to propose to Sayyidah Maimunah for him. The Prophet’s proposal was welcomed by Sayyidah Maimunah, who later married the Prophet Muhammad when she was 26 years old.

There are three reasons that make the Prophet Muhammad sure to ask for Sayyidah Maimunah. First, because Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib was the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad who became the spokesman when conveying Sayyidah Maimunah’s desire to become the wife of the Prophet. In addition, Sayyidah Maimunah is also one of the women who converted to Islam early.

The second reason is because of Asma bint Umais’s brother. In addition to the sister of his uncle Abbas’ wife, Umm Fadhl, Sayyidah Maimunah is also the sister (not of the same blood) to Asma bint Umais, the wife of Ja’far bin Abi Talib, his nephew. This relationship made the Prophet unnatural to reject Sayyidah Maimunah.

And the third reason is to strengthen relations with other tribes in Mecca. Sayyidah Maimunah’s sisters were married to the officials of Makkah.

Sayyidah Maimunah is known as a devout woman, gentle but firm, and wise. Sayyidah Aisyah, Prophet Muhammad’s wife others said that Sayyidah Maimunah was the most pious woman and always maintained the friendship between them.

When the Prophet Muhammad fell ill, he was treated at Sayyidah Maimunah’s house until his condition worsened then he was transferred to Sayyidah Aisyah’s house which is next to the Prophet’s Mosque. Sayyidah Maimunah was left by Prophet Muhammad SAW forever after being married for 3 years.

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A number of Prophet Muhammad’s wife known as the narrator of hadith, Sayyidah Maimunah is among the most narrators of hadith. Although Sayyidah Aisyah and Sayyidah Ummu Salamah also narrated many hadiths of the Prophet SAW.

During his life, there were at least 94 hadith narrated by Sayyidah Maimunah. He died at the age of 80, during the reign of Muawiyah. And the one who led the funeral prayer was Abdullah bin Abbas.

Sayyidah Maimunah was buried in Saraf, according to her request. This location has sweet memories between him and the Prophet Muhammad SAW because it became a ‘honeymoon’ place before heading to Medina.

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